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Interlocking kelly bar

    Interlockign type and friction type 1 year or 2000 hours guaranteed Depth 6-140m Torque 50-500KN/M Tailored made to any drill rigs in the market

Interlocking kelly bar system are especially designed for drilling into hard materials and when crowd force application is required.Locking kelly bars are provided with drive rails designed with locking pockets on their length and corresponding termina joints locking guides. The purpose is to interlock each telescopic element to the inner following one in order to apply the maximum torque and crowd force developed by the base rig.Therefore the rotary table inner drive is also equipped with locking pockets,. When extracting the locking bar from down the hole, the combination of lifting and rotating counterclockwise will allow the telescopic element to unlock. interlocking Kelly bars are usually supplied with 3 or 4 telescopic elements.

interlocking kelly bar.png